November 4, 2012 – What Is Love?

11/04/12 Rev. David McArthur

What Is Love?

Charles Fillmore, that great American mystic, said that the faculty of love is the greatest power of man, the greatest of all our capacities. “The pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family… that joins and binds in divine harmony the universe and everything in it; the great harmonizing principle known to man. Divine love is impersonal; it loves for the sake of loving. … Like the sun, its joy is in the shining forth of its nature. … Love is the great harmonizer and healer.”

A woman, Nettie, remembered that when she was 12 she joined other kids in meanly ridiculing her twin sister, who was severely disabled and seen as a freak in their small town. So her mother put her alone in a room with only a photo album. It was filled with pictures of the twins since they were small. Nettie saw the pain that her sister had endured over the years. One picture was inscribed, “The doctors give me pain. Nettie makes me laugh.” Nettie was filled with compassion for her sister. She realized what she had been doing and the hurt she had caused her sister. At that moment she changed.

Love is always there. It flows like a spigot that’s always dripping. We can choose how much to turn it on. That flow takes you to intelligence. It is intelligence, a capacity to understand that helps us resolve the differences, that illuminates and harmonizes. What unifies us rather than separates us is love. You don’t have to know how.

A four year old liked to go to the house next door. One day his mother watched as he crawled up beside the neighbor on the front porch swing. The man had recently lost his wife of many years. As she watched her son coming back home, she asked what he did there. He answered, “I helped him cry.” If a four year old knows what to do, so do you. Remove that which separates us. You are love. It takes us from that place of separation to that place of wholeness and harmony. It goes far beyond the walls and heals and harmonizes. Feel the spigot open as you say, “I am a radiating center of divine love.” YES YOU ARE!


October 28, 2012 – Aladdin: No Fear in Oneness

10/28/12 Rev. David McArthur

The story of Aladdin is a look at our journey of consciousness. Aladdin lived in poverty and always felt he had to take from others. As we do at this level, he felt like a victim. At this “miserable sinner” level we are asleep to divine love. Then when adversity shows up we feel it proves we are of no value. Through adversity, though, Aladdin is brought to caves filled with treasure (the subconscious) where he finds many many beautiful things. When you overcome adversity, you feel power. This changed Aladdin’s consciousness. Feeling that he now had some power, some value, he didn’t need to steal. And he could love. Goodness showed up out of the bad. At this level we are still asleep, but how we think of ourselves has changed. We feel we can get a little good from life, from the adversity, from the bad.

Then Aladdin sees the princess and falls in love. The head experiences the heart. It is spiritual awakening. Aladdin now has purpose. He feels he has value. He now sees that power is for serving the purpose, to serve wholeness. The genie (which fulfills the power of the heart) creates for Aladdin and the princess their own palace away from the Sultan, who is the Father figure. (They woke up; they now know they are children of God.) At this level, you know you are fine and wonderful just the way you are. You are not miserable sinners. The world loves you.

Then the princess and the palace were taken by the sorcerer and Aladdin knew “it had been too good to be true”. This is believing in 2 powers, good and bad. As long as you believe it, it’ll show up. But there is only good and more good. Aladdin went back to the heart. The resolution was not through the thoughts (Aladdin) but through the heart (the princess). She denied life to the 2nd power (the sorcerer); she killed him. Love overcomes fear. That’s the gift.

The One Power dwells within man and all other beings and throughout the universe. One. In the heart, which knows the truth, there is no fear. No tension. No nervousness. You are at one with every other living person on Earth. No separateness. You have touched this oneness—with babies, with good friends, or in the silence. Nothing else is real. We can manifest and play with a 2nd power, but it is not the truth. God is good all the time! There is only one presence, one power—the all loving goodness of God! And that’s the truth!


October 21, 2012 – Journey Into Oneness

10/21/12 Rev. David McArthur

Journey Into Oneness

We have heard so many times “we are one”. But we really are one. It doesn’t look that way. It appears that you are separate from me. Emilie Cady said, “Man, who is at first living in the selfish animal part of himself, will grow up …to the divine or spiritual understanding wherein he knows that he is one with the Father…” The Father is the part of the divine that loves and cares for us, and is within us, yet is infinite.

If we are one, then you are one with that other political candidate, and more troubling, all those people you just don’t get who support that candidate. When watching the debate, I first felt condescension for them. It was an experience of separation, viewing them as less than. It was uncomfortable. I thought maybe I should try something different. I stepped back and I saw that all the people really cared. A sense of connection took place. I stepp ed farther back and saw all the country experiencing a polarization which hurt, and I felt compassion. How difficult it is to work with those hugely complex issues! And I saw that the polarity blocks clarity, and our fears are surfacing. When we fail to see that the One Power cares for us all, we instead empower our fears. We see ourselves as separate and different. We fail to see our oneness unfolding in the most important vote, which is for care.

This world can’t see beyond its opposites, or see our oneness. That comes from within us. Jean Houston: “I was no longer just Jean Houston, age 6. I had awakened to a consciousness that spanned centuries. Everything was important. It was as if I knew everything, was connected to everything. I was an infinite being.” She said, “It’s your true self.” Alfred Lord Tennyson told that from boyhood he frequently had a “waking trance” in which it was as if individuality was gone and he was part of the “boundless pure being”. Vedanta teaches “Thou art that. All you see you are. Thou art one with the Universal Being. Every soul is your soul. Every body is your body. The Universe is my body.” We journey to consciously touch and know that.

This beautiful connection teaches us our oneness. We sense the presence, the power, the oneness. We touch that beautiful wisdom moving through life, and see that God is good all the time! God is good all the time! All the time God is good! Practice this chance to vote for love!


October 14, 2012 – You Don’t Need Fixing–Only Alignment

10/14/12 Rev. David McArthur

You Don’t Need Fixing-Only Alignment

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” You hypocrite! But looking to fix others only brings you back to fixing yourself. Most of you are self help addicts. But “you will wake up and know you don’t need fixin’.” An alignment is all that’s needed. “It’s a time shift into silk and a field environment of love.”

A business woman confessed, “I am the queen of roadrage!” She went on to say that every morning when she pulled out onto the highway to go to work, she felt every car was out to get her. By the time she got to work she was already exhausted and out of sorts, and everyone knew it. But now she was telling of a discovery she had made. Appreciation. She had a whole new attitude from appreciating things. On the drive to work now, she appreciated the road and the scenery on the way. When she got to work, she appreciated she had work. She had committed to an experience of appreciation. It’s alignment. Use appreciation for alignment day after day. “It’s a time shift into silk and a field environment of love.” It comes from all the great teachers. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” It’s not fix it, it’s alignment.

Love one another. Appreciation is a part of love. Peace is also a part of love, and finding that spiritual center is alignment. It is all that’s needed. Lao-tzu, from the Tao Te Ching: “She who is centered in the Tao can go where she wishes, without danger. She perceives the universal harmony, even amid great pain.” It is not ignoring the great pain which we touch in life, but “…she has found peace in her heart, centered in the Tao.”

Like the small child who takes you by the finger and brings you into her world, connect with someone who loves you. It’s always there! You are a beloved child of God! And the One who loves you is within. Reach in and take a hold of it! It’s always there. It cannot not be there.
You will wake up and know you don’t need “fixin’”. Not now, not ever. The great thing is neither does anyone else! Phew! That makes it easier. There is an alignment—that’s all that’s needed! Bless you!


October 7, 2012 – Cut It Loose

10/07/12 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux

Cut It Loose

Have you ever held onto a dead end job, or a marriage which had run its course? A fig tree that did not bear any figs was cursed by Jesus. It withered and died right in front of Him and the disciples. He told them they could do what He did if they were aligned with their power. They could tell a mountain to move and it would be moved.

Metaphorically, the fig tree represents the human essence, the mind energy, which manifests our lives. The mountain, the seemingly insurmountable things in our lives which consume our resources without producing. How can we let these things go, fearing we’ll have nothing after that? Realize when something is not producing it is standing in the way of your own good. It’s an opportunity to say, “Hey God, where are You? I want to see You. I want to know You.” Awaken to who you are, to the power you are.

When do we cut a job loose? When we are more and more miserable. When we can’t remember the last time we felt any joy in it. When we resent going to it. A marriage? When you have done all you can. When you have done all the therapy and praying to come together. Cut it loose. The flight attendants are told when the smoke is too thick, when the water is too deep, when the fire is too near—get out and save yourself.

There is fear of letting go. “I don’t know. I can’t do it. I’m not worthy”. There is fear of being left alone. But you can’t be alone! We are together in our Mother|Father God. Know it’s going to be wonderful. You are a child of the universe and it conspires for you to get what you need and desire. What created you is standing ready to give you all you need to be what you were created to be!
First, open your mind to see what prevents you from cutting it loose—fear—doubt—a core belief? Then open your hand to receive, a finger at a time if you need to. A closed hand gives the universe no opportunity. It is conspiring to fill the void. Then bless this “mountain”; send it on its way to reach its highest good. And forgive it. It served you, it served your soul.

That job—cut it loose. That dead end relationship—cut it loose. That house you are holding onto which does not bring joy—cut it loose! That fig tree that no longer serves—cut it loose!


September 30, 2012 – Love in Action: Commitment to Love

9/30/12 Rev. David McArthur

Love in Action: Commitment to Love

In a monastery in a beautiful valley, the monks were growing older. The abbot was concerned about the monastery surviving. His friend the rabbi couldn’t think of any way to help, but told the abbot, “I dreamt one of your monks was the messiah.” The abbot shared this with the monks. Silently, each wondered which brother it might be, or even if it might not be himself. So each one resolved to do better. As if a special wind had blown through the monastery, activity increased. The monks’ efforts to serve others and the surrounding community increased. Once again men from the community became interested in joining the order.

What a difference it makes when we see the beautiful divine presence in each other and within ourselves!

Another community saw how their old buildings no longer served them. After seeking guidance they decided to renew their place. There had just been enough money to meet existing needs, but different members pledged to do more. Then in their country a great recession hit, and fear gripped everyone. Some in the community lost their jobs, some lost their houses. They again prayed. “Should we go forward?” A curious answer came back that yes, they should go forward. They knew the real source of their abundance. In the face of the fear, they each committed to give from their resources. They built a beautiful center for themselves and all who hear of it. And the times got better for all. It had to start somewhere.

The change came from how they began to see each other—how they saw the divine in each other—and, what’s even harder, seeing the divine within themselves. It is easy to see who that was, as today we are celebrating our second year in our new buildings. The commitment we made was to honor the divine love that we are. Say to each other, “I commit to honor the love you are.” “I commit to being Divine Love in action.”
You cannot choose to be divine love—it is what you are! You cannot get away from it. But you can commit to putting divine love into action. That is what is the power! The wholeness! The wisdom! The abundance! You are!


September 23, 2012 – Ho’o Pono Pono: The Four Steps

9/23/12 Rev. David McArthur

Ho’o Pono Pono: The Four Steps

Dr. Hew Len, in Hawaii, healed so many patients that the ward was closed in just three years. He did this without therapy. He did it by working on himself, using Ho’o pono pono.

We believe what is out there is a reflection of what we have within. If it is in your world it is a part of you. If you don’t like what you see, you can clean it out. You have the power to change it.

The divine always expresses to us in wholeness and harmony. You cannot hold back the divine wholeness within you, the perfection which is you. So when something shows up, use these four steps. However, while thinking them might make a difference, it will not transform you. To transform, instead of saying “I love you”, feel it. Thinking is nice, but doing the loving is transformative.

1st is “I love you.” FEEL it, if you want transformation. Your love goes to that part of yourself that is out-picturing the disharmony. The part of you which is divine love goes to it, too, and has all the power. It is waiting for you to ask.

2nd is “I’m sorry.” FEEL free to let go. If you remain in your head, your head will give you all the reasons “they” were wrong. Reasons don’t matter here. Have the willingness to let go. “I didn’t mean to create disharmony.” This is repentance.

3rd is “Please forgive me.” FEEL the deep desire for freedom. The disharmony has no place in your life anymore. Ask the divine presence to remove it, to free you fully.

4th is “Thank you” and it is easy. We FEEL fully the appreciation for, and complete acceptance of, what is given.
God will heal anything in your heart. She will remove any limits, if you want to feel better.

A NASA rocket was hopelessly off course. It had no self guidance system, and one of the scientists knew they had no control. She went to prayer. She had done some Ho’o pono pono work before, so she called Dr. Len in Hawaii who does the “unseen” work. With his guidance, she told the rocket, “I love you”. They worked the four steps of Ho’o pono pono, and the rocket self-corrected!

What are you one with? Ask yourself. —That amazing power!

“Thank you!”


September 16, 2012 – Ho’o Pono Pono – I Love You

9/16/12 Rev. David McArthur

Ho’o Pono Pono / “I Love You”

I want to touch something new. When we pray we connect with the divine presence and hold in mind someone we care about. Then we want the universe to bring healing to them. But there is a teaching that what is out there is a reflection of what is within us, and we can get rid of it. So we have some control. We can do something.

Dr. Hew Len was counselor for the criminally insane at a Hawaiian hospital . The patients had committed the most violent, heinous crimes. But Dr. Len didn’t meet with the patients. He didn’t interview anybody. He practiced ho’o pono pono. It says all is within, so he worked on himself!  Several weeks passed and the customary daily violence in the ward lessened. Inmates began cooperating and forming into active, productive groups. With the exception of only two inmates, the entire ward of thirty patients was healed in three years and the ward was closed. “I had to take completely within myself the responsibility for what I was experiencing. I had to clear myself of toxic thoughts and replace them with love.”

Gandhi’s approach was slightly different. Observing the violence as India struggled for national freedom, he fasted to remove from within himself whatever might have contributed to the violence that he saw outside himself. He practiced a complete focus and dependence on the love of God. The violence stopped.

Is it all here, inside? You don’t need to understand. Spirit will bring meaning to you. Just hold the idea in your heart in neutral. When you see that which you want healed, the response is these words: “I love you.” Whether it is a reflection from the collective unconscious within, or a remembered pattern, the response is “I love you.” If you want to free someone in your world, say, “I love you.” To that within yourself, say “I love you.” To that Divine Presence, say, “I love you.”

What an amazing way to learn our oneness! —That you have the power within to transform the world around you. You have that power and I share it with you simply because “I love you!”


September 9, 2012 – Spirit in Healing

9/9/12 Rev. David McArthur & Dr. Len Saputo

Spirit in Healing

We have the most effective bio-feedback instrument ever created. It tells us when it’s time to do some spiritual work. It’s called the body. Spiritual Life comes into the world, and into our experience, as the body.

Dr. Len Saputo supports us via the medical profession. “My work and your work, [David], is the same work.” Body attune-ment can be medical or spiritual. The body is not just different parts, but one thing—integrated mind, body, and spirit. We are spiritual beings on a physical path.

Two years ago Dr. Saputo had a hip replacement but developed a life-threatening case of cobalt poisoning. “I made peace with God because I was totally convinced I would die.” Dr. Saputo’s colleagues were convinced he had an infection, as the cobalt poisoning in this kind of situation was relatively unknown. But Dr. Saputo’s insight and guidance from within said it was something different. “God and I had a chat. I became humble; I knew dying was not my decision. But I had family and friends; I had knowledge to share. So I let go and told God, ‘Whatever it is You want, it’s ok.’” Where ever you go there are always advisers, but the decider is always within. “It was frightening to go against my colleagues. But my heart was telling me something different.” After the second hip replacement surgery, Dr.Saputo was told there was no infection. It had been the cobalt poisoning.

We need to evolve to a higher level of consciousness and ask, “How can I be of service; what can I give or share?” It’s a matter of Trust. Let go and let God do the work. He knows what he’s doing. All the worry in the world won’t solve anything. And when we accept our inner guidance there comes a feeling of peace. It’s part of knowing we are really connected—the overwhelming feeling of peace.

Another part of an experience like this, in which you are asked to let go and let God, is coming forward into the next level of service and purpose of life. It is saying, “yes”. You can revolve around all that’s going wrong in our world, or you can stop and evolve. Just do the first foot of your “1000 mile journey”. Without you doing it, it won’t happen. That will change the world, little by little. You might evolve a few friends, or a city! Do it together and we will have a better world!

That spiritual flow is you—you are the wisdom and power that is here to uplift the world. Say yes!


September 2, 2012 – Myrtle Fillmore on Healing

9/2/12 Rev. David McArthur

Myrtle Fillmore on Healing

As a spiritual being journeying through a human experience, we go through the experience of healing. The dream of a young school girl shows us the symbols of healing– “Stepping out of the forest she sees a beautiful stream with a sandy bottom, but no water is flowing. Along the sides there are bowls of water, so water is present but not flowing. Upstream there is a large rock outcropping, appearing to block the flow. Down stream there are more large stones. She asks, “Where is the water?” Water itself seems to answer her, welling up over the rocks upstream and filling the stream before her.”

The young girl was Myrtle Fillmore. When a grown woman she developed tuberculosis and was given less than 2 years to live. Interpreting her childhood dream, she explained that the flow of water was the flow of life inside her, and that the lack of flow was her experience of the TB. She then healed herself by taking the time everyday to go and be alone. She had a second empty chair there with her. She said it represented the presence of Jesus Christ, which she referred to as that consciousness of Jesus committed to the full awareness of the Christ, master over the physical world. Thus she was thereby taking complete responsibility for her physical well being.

Hear the love she brings to her body in this process as she directed these words to various parts of her body: (speak them aloud to bring in a powerful healing vibration)

My liver is full of vigor and energy.
My stomach is not weak or inefficient, but energetic and strong.
My abdomen is all a-thrill with the sweet, pure, wholesome energy of God.
My eyes express the sight of Spirit, drawing upon an unlimited source. They are young, clear, bright eyes shining the light of God right through them.
In my heart the pure love of Christ flows in and out by its beating.
The life centers in my body are free unlimited Spirit, centers of life and energy omnipresent.
I do not let any worried or anxious thoughts into my mind.
Jesus Christ is with me and helps me to think and speak only kind, loving, true words.

Remember you are free unlimited Spirit. What fun it is to tell your body to get well and get going!