September 27, 2009 – Oh God! Shifting To Your God-Self

Rev. David McArthur

Can we use fear as a tool?

We control tools to increase our powers. The very act of considering fear as a tool reduces the power we allow fear to have over us. Mike Robbins says fear is a sign we are on the edge or verge of something.

Be thankful Spirit has directed your attention. As you know, God is good all the time. So for whatever the reason, Spirit has turned your attention to an issue. Since everything needed is already given, then you are already given the resolution of that issue.

To quell the fear and find the resolution, raise your awareness of God’s love for you. Enfold yourself in it. Be thankful that there is change coming, even if it looks fearful. God is always saying yes. We simply have to find the “yes”. So ask, “Divine Presence, what action will release the flow of your goodness in my life?”  Remain