December 19, 2010 – Christmas Awakening

Reverend David McArthur

Music calls us to a place where we see differently.  A soul awakens when it is touched by that which is seen differently.

Emmett Fox said, “Mary is really the soul itself.”  Mary, trusting in Spirit, accepted the role of birthing the One, the Consciousness that would change the world. When we, as Mary did, open our souls in faith to Spirit, we each give birth to something so new, so beautiful, it lifts us to a whole new consciousness that will change the world. We see the people in our life differently when we see and touch the Presence and Power that lifts us to a place we have not been before. An amazing awakening happens within us.

Christmas is a call to awaken. The music of Christmas is a call to awaken. Allow yourself the full experience of Christmas and see what the heart feels when it awakens!