December 6, 2009 – Expanding Consciousness through the Heart

Rev. David McArthur

“Now… scientists have realized …that the invisible, immaterial realm is far more important than the material realm… The new science …shows that your thoughts, your attitudes, your beliefs, and the invisible environment, are more primary in shaping your life than anything in the physical world is.” –Bruce Lipton, author and leading proponent of Epigenetics.

How lucky we are to live in these times in which science is actually proving our spirituality rather than treating it with disdain! And how lucky to know that we access our inner power and the “invisible environment” simply with the most basic of all life-giving steps — our breathing.

“I become centered now… With each breath I take in… I affirm … I am in the presence of God now and always. As I exhale… “Thank You, God!”… As I breathe in rhythm with God-life, I am renewed and energized.”

Daily Word – June 1, 2009

Let us this week remain aware of our inner, direct connection to the power that created and sustains the universe. Let us “breathe in rhythm with God-life”.

— Your Prayer Team


“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller