June 13, 2010 – Walking by Faith, Not Fear

Rev. Denese Schellink

Is fear or faith guiding your life? Fear is a sure sign your are trusting in your own power. However, you do not have to stay in energy that does not feel good. When you have accepted circumstances that make you feel uncomfortable, you have been called to see more clearly what you are not living so you can go to what is your calling. It is what you signed up for! Say yes to your Divine appointment. If you knew who walked beside you, fear would be impossible!

Everything is planned for your good. You arrived with your spiritual DNA already coded with all you need to have. All you need is within you. There is peace already within – prosperity already, love already within you.

Peter knew his truth. And just for a moment he trusted, and he walked on water! But then he saw the wind and the storm in the world around him, and he had doubts. When the wind in your life blows, go within to your truth. Know that there is a Presence and a Power inside of you. Know God is your Source. Walk by faith.