June 20, 2010 – Creating With The Father’s Power

Rev. David McArthur with Ray Faulkenberry

Jesus showed us authority and creative power flowed from Father|God through Him as a spiritual being. The more He attuned to that greater creative power, the more that power moved in and thru His being. He showed us the Oneness which we can experience and touch within our own spiritual self. The authority that we have to direct and choose what comes forth in our world is a picture of that father-son flow. The creative power moves through us when we say, “yes, I choose this creation,” and then that creation comes through into our life. The feminine nature of the Divine is intuition, that capacity that we have to receive higher understanding and direct it into the purpose of our lives. Recognizing when there is something that aligns with our purpose, we are then the instruments thru which the creative power comes into existence.

The creative masculine in us each asks, “What is my purpose?“ The first step to manifesting the divine power that is within you is the alignment to your purpose. It’s that first point when you accept the divine creative power moving through you. The purpose of your being is to receive that creative power and give it expression as far as you let it go.

2nd is“doing your one”. It is doing that which is yours to do. Once you say yes and accept that the purpose of your being is to receive and express the divine creative power, ask what do you need to do to own it, to align with that creative energy that is flowing through you?

3rd. The next step is one of the great steps in creation. The step that uplevels the quality of what is going to take place is letting go. Non attachment. We limit this process sometimes because we put a ceiling on what can be accomplished. That’s when we just keep pushing and hammering at it with our will because we “know what the result should be”. But we must let it go to be what it can be. It uplevels. It goes to the higher fulfillment of our purpose when we let it go, when we are unattached to the result. Spirit is moving through you for your purpose – the expression of who you are and what you are about. It’s what we’ve been talking about in terms of the higher male energy of the heart. Where we go into that deep coherence with Divine Intelligence and creative flow by the nonattachment.

4th. Respond in integrity with who you are. Spirit is not there to empower another’s purpose through you; Spirit is there to empower your purpose through you. When you align with that integrity – regardless of how it might look – Spirit moves through you for that purpose which you are about. It expands and carries it forward in the way that is highest for you. It is Spirit which determines the result. Who of us knows what the result will be?

The very highest is brought forth by that power, that love, that consciousness that flows through us. It is wonderful creative energy from the very highest, opening, taking us forward. For each one of us it is now present in your life, lifting you, blessing you. When you align with it, when you go to that place of integrity in your being. there is only one possible result: that it will be good!