March 14, 2010 – The Now: Unlimited Possibilities

Rev. David McArthur

When we react to events, we project our past experience into the future. But there is a different potential that can be brought forth, another dimension in which we live, in which we access an amazing goodness and love. The doorway is through the heart. Go into the Silence. It is a place with the most amazing power to it, a place where we step through dimensions of consciousness.

Be present in the “now moment” and add in appreciation. And for the power, add to the moment your awareness of the presence of God. Right now that amazing everywhere-present life force is flowing into you, filling you with life and illuminating your mind every single moment.

It is there loving you.

It has been in this eternal moment of now since you stepped forth into being.

It folds you in infinite love.

Even as you breathe, It breathes you.

It is so unlimited that we literally cross dimensions of consciousness and activate higher levels of our soul purpose and bring forth higher creation. It is how we create with unlimited possibilities.

In the now you higher purpose has nothing to stop its full expression as you bring it forth, and it has the power to transform whatever it is that’s before you because it is not limited in the mind because it is the unlimited presence of divine love moving in and through you. You are one with that. And when you open to that, when you say yes to this moment and this Presence in it, you are blessed … There is no limit.

“I am so blessed. I am so blessed. I am so blessed.” It’s true, because you are that Love.

Your Prayer Team


“Love Without End” by Glenda Green

“The Immortal Now” by Patricia Grabow

Lao Tzu


Music by Heartdream

“Enter This House” – © 2008, David Brooks

“I Am So Blessed” – Karen Drucker

“Oh Sing My Heart Sing” – Eastern Chant, Lyrics adapted by Steve & Mirabai Bangs

“Soham Shantih” – © 2009, Steve & Mirabai Bangs

“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller