November 7, 2010 – New Name, New Consciousness

Reverend David McArthur

Many of us no longer use the name we were called in childhood. We have experienced a shift in our consciousness, and so have changed the name we use. A name is an acknowledgment of a state of consciousness. As the soul evolves, our focus shifts from the physical 3D world to that of the mental, the intellect. It was good to live in the 3D world and supply the needs of the body. But the intuitive self recognizes when it is time to shift the authority to the mind, the intellect. When we focus and develop mind we gain ability to direct the 3D world. In the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel, Jacob, representing the mental aspects, has developed his intellectual abilities and prospered. However, when he wants to return to the land of his brother Esau, who represents the aspects of the 3D world, Jacob must first wrestle with the natural self, with his deep commitment to the physical world. He wrestles all night long, and learns that the mind is not greater than the body. They are spiritually equal parts of the whole. In the morning he is at a point of integrating the mental and physical, a point at which what is gained in mind needs to become firm. He has had a change in consciousness. He demands a blessing before he leaves. His name is changed from Jacob to Israel.

In our wrestling, how do we get the blessing? Open to this growth, this blessing. Spirit brought it to you because there is some part in you that your soul wants to grow. There is always something to appreciate. Gift giving is an expression of appreciation. Give yourself the gift of stepping into a greater consciousness. Think about just one thing you appreciate about your struggles. Now feel it! There is a huge difference between thinking appreciation and feeling it. Feeling is power. Feeling takes appreciation into reality. That’s where the power is. In your wrestling, affirm, “God is blessing me now!” That’s when the light you are blesses the world, that’s what you came here to do.
“God is blessing me now!”