December 27, 2009 – The Consciousness of Christmas

Rev. David McArthur

We look forward to Christmas with such childlike anticipation. The sense of community seems world-wide, universal, as we eagerly open to the rebirth of the awareness of the Christ Child among us, in us. That pure love in which we realize we are the instruments of the flow of God’s love to all, freely sending good wishes and giving gifts big and small. We are especially moved to give to those in the community with obvious need. We donate to food banks and charity drives anonymously, blindly.

All too soon, though, our ebullient spirits fade as we reach overwhelm, believing we cannot possibly have the means to serve all those in need among us. We wistfully put away our sense of universal community for another year, asking, “Why can’t the spirit of Christmas last all year long?”

However, this expanded consciousness does not need to end! You do have the means; your resources are infinite. You have the power within to maintain this expanded consciousness. You know how love transforms. Send it forth. Send forth the expanded Christmas awareness. Stay in the beauty and effectiveness; create by your intention. Send the beauty and light to those in need. You are the instrument of that transformation. You are a co-creator! Send the spirit of Christmas.

As Rev. David says, “Sing Christmas carols all year long.”


“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller