April 11, 2010 – Yes, God That Is

Elle Collier Re

Elle Collier Re is a realized mystic. After many years of self-inquiry including meditation, contemplation, and inner dialogue with the God Levels. Elle entered Unity Consciousness and began receiving ongoing divine revelation. She is now the spiritual teacher at HeartGate Sanctuary, a non-denominational study and retreat center in Hood River, Oregon. Elle has been leading groups and supporting individuals with teachings and direct experience in Soul alignment since 1988. She mentors each to align with their true Nature, and walk in Love.


INEI-RE, Gate of Return,


Musical Guest Dennis Warner

“Gonna Rise Up Singin'” – © 2006, David Brooks, Meghan Diamond, Lauren deLacey

“Oneness” – © Carmen Moshier

“I Feel the Spirit” – © Rickie Byars-Beckwith

“Be Still and Know That I Am God” – © Clara Scott

“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller