April 4, 2010 – Creating Resurrection

Rev. David McArthur

The Easter story is a demonstration of the power that we are. We have the power to overcome any limitation. Jesus saw that there really is only wholeness. There really is only love. There really is only life.

He was willing to be an instrument of the love. He knew God Is Good All The Time.

Like the deepest shadows of Jesus’ tomb that couldn’t be seen, there are depths within ourselves we cannot fathom. So even if we do not feel the love for ourselves, we can still be an instrument of that love and wholeness.


“I am willing to be the instrument of God’s Love.”

“I am willing to be the instrument of God’s Love.”

Within this world, within our lives and the lives around us, a new world – a new life is coming into full, complete and beautiful manifestation.

“I am willing to be the instrument of God’s Love.”

Your Prayer Team


Joyful Noise Choir, Rick Stober Director

Unity Musicians – Steve Bangs, Mirabai Bangs, Nathanial Bangs, David Brooks, Yvonne Hung, John Shinn, and Scott Towne

“Hallelujah! Celebration” – Choir

“Dancing in the Light” – Unity Musicians

“The Stone Rolls Away” – Choir & Unity Musicians

“You Raise Me Up” – Choir & Unity Musicians with John Shinn, soloist

“Love is the Answer” – Choir & Unity Musicians

“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller