August 1, 2010 – Flowing With Ease

Rev. David McArthur

Jesus said, “…My yoke is easy. My burden is light.” When we are connected with the Christ consciousness, there is a feeling of ease in the heart where struggle doesn’t happen. There is an intuitive response without the need of control in which things flow.

We are so ready to ease others through any difficulty. Imagine what Divine Love will do for us, Its spiritual children! Life is the experience of Divine Love guiding and unfolding who we are with such grace and care and compassion that every moment It is there for you. Every moment It is in you. Every moment It would enfold and lift you in those things that are difficulties and obstacles. It is infinite intelligence and it knows how to move you through them successfully. That’s what life really is. That’s the truth. When we choose to see obstacles and complain, when we choose control, we are out of the heart, and it is uncomfortable. Ease is touching the feeling of that care flowing through you. There is a flow of such goodness and kindness, of such compassion and love here guiding you, responding to you, One with you.

When you are open to the Tao, open to that ease and amazing presence of life and energy and intelligence and power that we call Spirit that we are one with and that is moving in and through our lives, you are open to insight. You can use it. It is “hidden in the heart”, everywhere and in everything. You no longer feel separation and the need to control. You are guided. So flow. You are one with It, and everything will fall into place.

Breath ease and enjoy the flow!