August 8, 2010 – Manifesting Spirit’s Dream: An African Tale

Rev. David McArthur

God is life. The nature of God is pure love and goodness. We worry whether something is true or false instead of whether it is useful. We know the phrase “life is suffering” is not a truth. However, it is an effective denial that our whining will change anything. Denial is to withdraw your energy from something. So withdraw your power from that which limits you and apply it to that which is seeking to lift you. Apply it to that which infinite power and abundance and intelligence wants to bring forth because it is your own.

That deep desire in your heart is not there by accident. Desire on the heart is God inviting you to what is yours, not what is possible. Withdraw your power from the idea that someone else has control. Withdraw your power invested in reasons that say it can’t be so.

Say, “life is suffering” and then “get on with it.” Apply your power to these steps because they work:

Don’t ask what is possible. What is your hope? What are you about now? Write it down. Prepare. (You have been preparing all this time.)

It can happen for you. Not because it’s possible, but because it’s given. Everything you need is already given.