August 29, 2010 – Sharing Enlightenment

Rev. David McArthur

Our work is to know the spiritual truth. Within each person there is a perfect pattern, a pure thought of him in Divine Mind within him. It is within the very energy, the DNA, of every molecule of that person’s being. It is in that person’s mind, and that person has full access to it. That person is One with the Presence and All Power. There is nothing or no-one in the world that has more power. That is the truth.

Who do you know who is in need? Physical, emotional, financial, etc.? Look through their “bandages” with so much love that the truth that you know is shared with that other person. You have the spiritual capacity to know the truth. The illumination flows from the truth within, and it is when you love.

We can only have that which we can give away. It is our job to share enlightenment rather than to seek it. Call them into their power– to know the truth when they begin to forget. Don’t settle for less than the truth of who they are. You are unable to settle for something less for that person– even for yourself. Hold to the total truth of your being– a radiant, powerful child of God–powerful, intelligent– who can call into manifestation the truth of their being. It is our job to know that. It is our job to be very much in touch with the truth of everyone’s being. For each there is hope. The total truth of their being is fully there within them. Carry that awareness for everyone.