July 11, 2010 – Revealing: A Step To Transformation

Rev. David McArthur

We perceive our three-dimensional life through the mind. The mind sees us as separate from everything out there and it defends us. We each have known pain. At such times we see a limit to or a loss of the goodness of God. Anger and hatred naturally protect us when the mind sees us as victims. This is not wrong or bad, but it is not the only perspective.

Our higher consciousness is a higher perspective from which we see things differently. We cannot love when we are in anger and hatred. That is a state which diminishes love and our loving. As spiritual beings, we respond from our truth that is always within us, that we are one with the beautiful Divine Presence. We pray,

“Beloved Presence, reveal that which needs to be revealed. Heal that which needs to be healed.”

And it is revealed that we have a choice. Just wanting to make a choice brings healing. Healing takes away the need for anger and hate. At this point of choosing we are free– deeply, powerfully free.

There is so much love surrounding, enfolding and supporting us! When we ask it and allow it to take us, it lifts us. We see freedom, forgiveness, and wholeness. It has no other purpose. It is time to look at what you have not yet allowed to heal, what has not yet been transformed. You’re not lost. It’s not over. It’s not the way it looks. The world has simply brought you to the question, “What is now, in this moment, the choice to make?” And it is that choice that transforms what you have journeyed into. This love flows through you, and in your choosing it over and over, it is blessing and lifting us all. We are in this together.