July 18, 2010 – God is the Source, God is the Answer

Rev. David McArthur

We express our beliefs, manifesting our lives, like light projects a holographic image. When our awareness (the light) changes, the manifestation changes. When we think God hasn’t gotten things right, our problem isn’t with God. Our problem is with our connection to God. Going outside ourselves to find someone as the source of our prosperity is not the answer.

Separation is an illusion. There’s this goodness of God that flows in us and through us and we get to be a part of that consciousness; we aren’t separate. Connect with that deep state of consciousness, with that flow of Love in the 4th dimension, with the Source– God. God is wholeness. When we connect with That we change in our consciousness and go into the experience of wholeness. When we connect with Source, we are connected with the whole of the situation, not just the part we see as the answer. In that moment of connection, there is really nothing else. It’s whole, it’s complete, and it’s beautiful. Feel the deep, deep peace. Feel it fill every level of your being. When you’re that loved, you know things are taken care of. Consciousness has changed.

When our consciousness changes, our world changes. Although it’s necessary, tending to detail after detail in our 3 dimensional world doesn’t bring the change. Change comes when we choose to connect with that which takes us from an incomplete manifestation into a whole manifestation, because wholeness is the nature of God. It’s all one; it’s all God’s anyhow. We know it’s taken care of. There is only one power. You are not separate from that Source, you are one with It, and It’s very nature is wholeness. Ground it into the 3rd dimension and do something. It’s not just a wonderful feeling. Move forward, because “It’s taken care of.”

Whatever the need, there is an answer. What do you do to take care of healing? The answer is God– connect there. What do you do when you need finances? –harmony in your relationships? The answer is God.

Affirm, “God is the Source. God is the answer.”