May 1, 2011 – The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection

5/1/11  Reverend Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection”

Today we celebrate Ascension Sunday as the completion of the journey of Jesus that began on Good Friday. The crucifixion on the cross represents metaphysically the crossing out of error states of consciousness that bind us in our humanity. We then cross over to the kingdom of the heavens, our divine life. The tomb represents our going to deeper places to allow that which no longer serves us to die. The resurrection is birth into new consciousness where we resurrect who we were before the world even was – absolute perfection! Ascension, then, is rising into the realm of divine truth where we see truly – the entire process, the complete journey and choices the soul makes.

We are not victims but volunteers! The Passion (suffering) of Jesus showed us we first need to experience who we are not, so we can become aware of who we are. In suffering we are strengthening our Christ-muscles. Rise above conditions of pain and suffering. Take your eyes off of the condition. Put your eyes on the divine. Rise above – ascend – that you can see your way clear.

Jesus had to ascend, to go. He didn’t belong here. You don’t either. Your destination is perfection – perfecting who you truly are. He didn’t stay because when you are so focused on the Man, you can’t fathom the magnitude of the message. Just as the disciples did, we would look to Him for everything, instead of looking within ourselves.

He also had to leave for the Holy Spirit to come after Him, a comforter to guide us. The Holy Spirit is the divine feminine, the nurturing energy. The day of Pentecost is for us the day we open to the Holy Spirit and let the Holy Spirit do the singing. “You don’t do the singing. I do. All you have to do is show up and look cute.”

How do we do it? We can call on the Holy Spirit anytime we are in a crucifixion experience. She is reaching Her hand out, saying, “I am here for you.”

We do this by being willing
to remove judgments from our hearts
to see the face of God in every face
to see the perfection in every situation in our lives
to let go of resistance and let ourselves flow in every situation, accepting it “as is”
to choose the power of peace – give up retaliating or condemning
to forgive
to live in the now without judging or comparing to the past or the future
to let go of attachments to people, things, anything which holds us back

Affirm, “I am the Christ.” See each person around you and affirm, “You are the Christ.”
Amen and “awomen”!

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