May 16, 2010 – The Prince and the Pauper

Rev. David McArthur

Emilie Cady wrote, “It is time for us to awake to right thoughts, and know that we are not servants, but children, and if children then heirs. …Heirs of all wisdom, …to all love, …of all strength, all life, all power, all good.”

The heir is the spiritual self, the spiritual being that you are. It is not this marvelous ego that has been developed for us to dance through the world. The ego guides this temporary persona that we have jumped into. It doesn’t know how to be the heir. When you journeyed into life, it wasn’t that you weren’t to meet the experiences that were there, those of abundance and lack, of fear and joy, of peace and harmony and of conflict, because those are ideas within this realm that we journey. The ego is to be cared for by the spiritual self, which guides it into being an instrument to touch the world and know its goodness.

When Jesus said “the kingdom is at hand”, he meant that we can touch life and experience the presence of God. We can experience the goodness of the realm, its beauty, its wholeness, its abundance. We can know the Presence in every experience, and that is the kingdom of heaven, and it is here and now. Just as people from the court go ahead of their prince announcing his coming and making easy his way, know and affirm,

“Divine Love goes before me, making easy, joyous, and successful my way.”