May 9, 2010 – A Mother’s Divine Vision

Rev. David McArthur

Motherhood connects us with a powerful aspect of the Divine Presence, that of the nurturing Divine Mother. We get to touch an aspect of what God is (knowing there is no place where God ends and we start). A mother awakens to a spiritual vision, seeing her child as a spiritual being, seeing the potential of that soul in the life experience. She is always calling forth that potential. The mother sees a wonderful, beautiful, radiant being.

The expression of that Divine Mother principle is in you whether you are male or female; it is a part of your connection with the Divine. This spiritual Divine Vision sees the Christ in your being, that level where you are one with the presence and power of God, saying it’s time to step up into your being– it’s time to get on with what you are about, who you are.

Accept the vision that is held of you by God. You are a radiant, powerful, intelligent, purposeful, spiritual being. You are here about what your soul has committed to do. You have the full power and intelligence and capability to accomplishing everything that is on your heart, and you are a blessing to everyone in your life! That is the vision in God’s mind of who you are. Accept it with these words, “I am a child of God! A blessing to all I meet!” It is the truth. It is who you are. It is what you are here for. What you are is so magnificent, and God sees it!

“I am a child of God! A blessing to all I meet!”