May 2, 2010 – The Divine Pattern In Us All

Rev. David McArthur

“Know ye not that ye are gods?”

“Know the white (that which is illumined) but keep to the black (that which is yet to be illumined, as your issues, or the potential of all): be a pattern for the world. If you are a pattern for the world, the Tao will be strong inside you and there will be nothing you can’t do.” – Lao-tzu

In the Transfiguration, Jesus showed us the pattern of who we really are. We can see this when we raise our awareness through our faith, our openness to a higher order, and love. Through the grace of pure love which is always present, we see both the impersonal principle of Divine Law as well as the personal guidance of the Divine expressing in our lives. Receive this into your being. We are the beloved “in whom I Am well pleased”.

Repeat, “I am God’s beloved child.”

See in yourself the pattern of divine power and radiant light. Say yes to the power, the radiant light, the wholeness. Be the pattern. For the world.

“I am God’s beloved child.”