March 20, 2011 – Tsunami of Love

3/20/11 Reverend David McArthur

The past two weeks have brought unbelievable natural disasters in Japan and new political unrest in northern Africa. How are we to respond? What is this all about? Yes, we know we are in a time of accelerating change, so we are not really surprised. Edgar Cayce said these things would happen. If he knew it, then you knew it when you chose to enter into this life. You understood the times you were entering into –times of great change to the earth and governments and our financial systems. You didn’t come to be affected by the changes but to affect those changes by knowing and remembering who you are –spiritual beings living in a spiritual world governed by spiritual laws.

There is a second tsunami of emotion that spreads out from the disaster, one of fear, pain, helplessness, powerlessness. In the movie “What the Bleep” Dr. Masaru Emoto showed us how our thoughts affect the structure of water; that they do affect the physical world. Our job, then, is to respond with a tsunami ourselves– to effect healing of the Earth itself. Send prayer, love, and care. Your thought affects the physical world.

Q: How is it our consciousness affects the world? A: Directly. Go into loving support. We aren’t helping anybody when we “get down in pity” with them. We have the power to transform stress in others. You came to send a tsunami of love that sweeps through mankind, that touches the earth, the animals, all the people. Do you choose to? The “worst case scenario” is not a reality, but the fear of it is real. When it sweeps over others it is time for us to send a tsunami of love. Love casts out fear.

All this is about a new birth of consciousness for all mankind. When we relate to each other, there Unifying Intelligence flows through us. We know GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. That goodness is right there. We send out the truth of the wholeness that this is all about. Whenever you see people inflicting pain and cruelty on others you know it’s time to go to your heart, whether you understand them or not. We are just us learning and growing. It’s time to be immersed in this tsunami of love. We came to help all to move into a state of awareness, the more the “I” of us awakens and the love moves through all of us. Our work is to send out that tsunami of love.

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