November 1, 2009 – Cinderella (part 1): Story of Transformation

Rev. David McArthur

Like the flower in the field reaching up to the sun, we strive to transform ourselves into what we came here to be. While positive thinking readies us, to rise to the next level we need to enfold ourselves in the love of God.

“My heart receives the comforting balm of God’s love. . .The love of God is a soothing balm, and it is also a great restorative power. . God’s love can never be diminished; good continuously pours into our lives in new and wonderful ways.” Daily Word  June 21, 1988

This is how we empower ourselves, and open ourselves to receive that good that is poured upon us without measure. As the vibrant colors of the flowers radiate their glory, let us radiate God’s love from our hearts. Let us transform ourselves into the beings we came here to be.

— Your Prayer Team