October 25, 2009 – The Soul of Money

Rev. Suzanne Leonard

Our faith sustains us. When we realize that God loves us– that the power and intellect of the universe has nothing but love for us– what else do we need?

Faith is more than simply a knowing or belief, more than just answers. Faith includes expectation, a confidence that good is unfolding.

Be certain for God’s presence and grateful for life’s possibilities. Learn to live from your spiritual center. Know that you can be healed, abundantly blessed, and be lifted in spirit, no matter what your background or personal history. Leave the past in the past. Look at the future with a deep and certain faith. Know that we are all created by God and richly deserving. Pray in faith, certain that God’s spirit is within each of us and that the right outcome is coming forth. — Daily word, October 22nd, 2004.


“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” -Mark 11:24

Mike Robbins asked, “How would you live if your every need was taken care of?” In faith, we know everything needed is already given, every prayer is already answered. So be joyous. Dance.

— Your Prayer Team