September 18, 2011 – Love the Worrier

9/18/11 Rev. David McArthur

“Love the Worrier” We love to celebrate and party, and sing “Don’t worry; be happy!” Jesus said, in Matthew 6; 26, 27, that the Father feeds the birds of the air even though they do not store food, and we are even more important. He said that worry will not add one year to your life. So what are you worrying about? We learn from HeartMath that worry actually shortens your life. And you can always find someone to worry with you. You know not to do it, but you do it anyway, thinking, “If I didn’t worry about you I wouldn’t be loving you.” That is not true. Worry comes from the head. We think it comes from caring. But care gives you energy and lifts you up. Worry takes you down. The joy begins to drain away. You think, “What if this or that happens… Oh, no, I’d be powerless.” That’s not part of love– it’s from fear and anxiety.

As a spiritual being you have the power to not go there. How do we do it? Besides Freeze Frame, you have power to connect to that pure being where all love and intelligence flows, where you heal the fears behind the worry. Step into a greater wholeness. We are no longer at a level where we let fear and insecurity run our lives. They come up to be healed. So ask, “What needs to be loved?” Answer, “my worrier!” The first thing to be healed is me. And because my life is the mirror [expression] of me, then the expression of me [my life] will change. Know the only thing out there is the goodness of God. Bring that love, that compassion, to the part of yourself that didn’t know that. The beautiful power of compassion sends the power to heal the worrier. Love the worrier part of you; it responds. Hold it in your love. The feeling begins to change. The energy drain stops. It lifts you up. Thank God we get to heal our self and look at the world through Truth. God is our source. “God is my instant, constant, abundant supply.”

When our consciousness is ready, love will show up. It is always there. The only limit on God’s abundance is what we let in. You have to know the truth. Infinite wisdom, infinite power, infinite intelligence can take care of it and will if you let it. God is our source, our power. When you come to worry, treat it with compassion. Say, “I’d rather not worry and be happy!”

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