June 17, 2012 – The Father Principle

6/17/12 Rev. David McArthur

Father’s Day! Becoming a father is when the spiritual journey really begins!

What ‘father’ really is, in part, is pure divine principle, immutable law, that, in love, does not support choices of self destruction, even when that means telling a child who is an addict that they are not welcome in the family any longer. It is the divine love which accepts accountability. Yet it is there when the choice is made to leave the destructive living behind.

It is “fathering” an organization which reaches out and touches the world, calling forth the highest, holding a vision of what can be. It is having a commitment to the love and abundance which lead us through difficult times. It is being the instrument of that divine principle.

One of the purposes of a father is to see who we really are and acknowledge that in us, to call forth in us who we really are because there was that love that had called him forth to be who he really was.

There is divine energy flowing through the universe and life. It is a pulse in us when we are “on purpose”. When it flows through us, transformation takes place and the universe is changed. We don’t know how.

The divine ‘father’ principle is in you, whether you are a man or a woman. See the light in others, see the purpose and the light flowing through them. What is there is Father, God. Call it forth again and again.