February 14, 2016 – A Valentine From Your Spirit

Rev. David McArthur
A Valentine From Your Spirit

Happy Valentine’s Day! A whole day to do exactly what we’re supposed to do everyday! Today the best Valentine you’ll get is from your spiritual self.

Any spiritual process starts with self awareness. So get comfortable and start with being aware of your body, your mind. Nothing is right or wrong here, just be aware. We’re inviting our spiritual self to show up. Now be aware of your feeling self. On a scale of -5 (bad) to +5 (feeling great), just see where you are now—it’s not good or bad. Just be aware.

Now remember a time you felt deep love for someone. Just focus on that. Experience the feeling of that love. Let it grow in you. Let it fill you. Keep that feeling as you check in with yourself on the -5 to +5 scale. What number do you have now? Did it go up? There’s a reason relative to the core understanding, “God is love”. What we did was enter into our connection to the divine presence that we have. When Spirit flows in it lifts us. It lifts our sense of wholeness. We feel better because we are connected to that infinite love. That’s your valentine!

Are you ready for a super valentine? Remember a situation this week when you felt uncomfortable. We feel less connected, separate from divine love then. Do self awareness again, -5 to +5. What is the feeling there?

We’re always connected to Spirit but we connect more deeply and powerfully when we become aware. Put your hand on your heart. Now go again to your feeling of love from a moment ago. Remember that feeling. Enjoy that feeling. That feeling is right here right now. Feel your love; it’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy it, that connection with that part of you where the divine nature is a part of your being.

Now sincerely ask, “What would you have me do in that situation?” That presence—the spiritual power, the light, the intelligence—flows through you and directs your response and your thoughts. Go again into the experience of self awareness. Ask, “What am I feeling around that situation (-5 to +5) now?”

It’s not that “God loves” like grandpa loving the kids; it’s that God IS love. Charles Fillmore said it’s the “unifying, harmonizing power”. This amazing spiritual self we have is wise! Just practice it. God is love. God is love. God is love.

When we’re uncomfortable, once that love is there, God is there. That amazing intelligence! Have an amazing, beautiful, love-filled Valentine’s Day!


February 7, 2016 – Brer Rabbit Finds Wisdom & Compassion

Rev. David McArthur
Bre’r Rabbit Finds Wisdom & Compassion

It’s time to turn to the sage Uncle Remus: Bre’r Rabbit got the mopes—being all down and feeling it’s hopeless, losin’ his smarts. His Ms. say he got to go down to Aunt Mammy Bammy Big Money the Witch Rabbit in the deep dark swamp. There, Witch Rabbit say for Bre’r Rabbit to catch her a squirrel. Sitting at the bottom of a big tree, he has a couple of rocks in a sack and he smacks them together. A squirrel asks what he’s doing. Bre’r Rabbit says he’s cracking hick’ry nuts in the sack. “Hick’ry nuts!” says Squirrel. “Can I crack some?” he asks. Bre’r Rabbit says “Sure!” and lets Squirrel into the sack. Real quick he closes the sack and takes the squirrel to Mammy Bammy Big Money.

This is the first step we’re told to take on our spiritual journey, to take control of our squirrelly mind. (In the Eastern studies it’s “monkey mind”.) Bre’r Rabbit can take this step because he journeyed to the heart wisdom (Aunt Mammy). Get into the heart; use the power of the heart to control the mind so that which is within you, the flow of your being, becomes conscious in your mind. It’s how you control the mind so intent and wisdom flow out. This is how you transform your life.

The 2nd thing Aunt Mammy Bammy Big Money asked of Bre’r Rabbit was to fetch that snake rattlin’ in the grass. He was so skeert he wanted to run away, but he talked Snake into uncoiling so he could be measured. Rabbit pulled a string from his pocket, but instead of measuring Snake he looped the string around Snake’s neck quick like and pulled it tight and dropped Snake into the sack for Aunt Mammy.

This is facing your fears. The wisdom within is greater than your fear. It removes the power of your fear and releases you. Your heart is that wise. Affirm, My heart is wise. It connects you straight to the spiritual power that you are. My heart is wise all the time. My heart is wise all the time. All the time my heart is wise.

The Witch Rabbit’s 3rd instruction is for Bre’r Rabbit to bring her an elephant tusk. He went far into the forest to find an elephant. As one came near he hollered “Howdy! Bre’r Lion say you too big to be very strong.” Angered, Bre’r Elephant ran at a really big tree again and again to knock it over. One of his tusks fell out. Bre’r Rabbit quickly grabbed it up and ran to Mammy Bammy. Bre’r Rabbit asked what he had to do to get his smarts back, now. “I don’ wan’ you do nuthin’ at all. If you was any smarter you’d be ruination of da world!” And Bre’r Rabbit didn’t feel the mopes anymore. You see, Elephant was the big impossible thing in our lives we can’t do anything about. Not so for the wisdom in our hearts.

There was plenty of compassion here. Ms. Rabbit and the Witch Rabbit both are women (our feeling nature). Now it’s time to take it to the next step, and your wisdom knows your next step. That’s compassion! My heart is wise! My heart is wise! My heart is wise! It will take you on your journey to your own Aunt Mammy Bammy Big Money!

August 4, 2013 – Care Awakens Bre’r Rabbit Wisdom

8/4/13 Rev. David McArthur
Care Awakens Bre’r Rabbit Wisdom

I have been very frustrated trying to make peace, harmony and plenty in the Earth happen. Then I was given the way in which it can be done. The way is care. The mind sees so many problems which we don’t think we can do anything about. But care is not in our minds, but a feeling in our hearts, and when we respond to it, there is a flow of greater wisdom into our lives.

Uncle Remus tells of one hot ole summer when all the water holes dried up ‘cept for a spring in the woods. King Lion took it over for hisself and kept all the others away. Br’er Rabbit got an idea [care]. He ran to the hole panting, out of breath, and hollered that the lion better run for cover to save hisself from the coming “hurry-cane” [care]. Br’er Rabbit said he was going to tie himself to a tree till the hurry-cane blew over, and offered to tie up Lion first. Br’er Rabbit tied him very tightly. Then all the others came to the spring and drank [care]! When we feel we don’t have enough, the problem is we have King Lions (our fears)! There’s no care in fear. Through care, Br’er Rabbit got an idea, an answer. There is a way we can get to that place of answers. Care is a movement of the power of love within us. Get a new kind of wisdom and tie up that King Lion of fear.

Harriet Tubman, born a slave, was told there were things she couldn’t change. Her father would point to the North Star and tell her it was a place where there was no slavery. She fled one night, following the North Star. Night after night she followed it until she crossed into where she was free. Then, because she cared, she risked her new freedom and her life to go back 15 times to lead others to freedom. Did she end all slavery? No. But she freed over 300 people! Care causes us to act. It’s a core way we experience and grow in our oneness.

Care is a powerful ability to access the wisdom within ourselves. There are things that our minds tell us we can’t do anything about. But in your heart let yourself feel the care about those things. Acknowledge “I do care and my heart knows the answer.” “I do care and my heart knows the answer.” “I do care and my heart knows the answer.” The time has come for humankind to wake up. Our care will move us to that deep place of wisdom because we all have that beautiful Br’er Rabbit wisdom!