August 21, 2016 – Outrageous Forgiveness

08/21/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Outrageous Forgiveness”

Last week we spoke of outrageous generosity. The next step of our journey is when we see so much violence in our time, we recognize the invitation to step into an even greater consciousness. The higher level then, becomes outrageous forgiveness.

Spirit allows us to to see the turmoil and pain. It is no longer hidden in Shadow. We see it; it affects us and impels us to deal with it. We work on forgiveness all the time. What I’m talking about is outrageous forgiveness. I think of that moment when Nelson Mandela walked out of prison. He said of it that if he hadn’t left that pain and injustice behind, he would never be free, which is what he wanted for all. And apartheid fell. Outrageous forgiveness.

It’s when we want this in our lives and family and world that we can do it. But if you haven’t noticed, not everyone does.

In our families we have ones who act out their pain, and in their addictive behavior blame us. When we are hurt it is our assignment to heal the hurt within, and it is our assignment to say there is no place here in our family for this pain anymore. Outrageous forgiveness. Step into wholeness. We have to live these truths to bring this higher consciousness.

There is an abuse within many religions that has hurt too many. How many thousands of women have been told to forgive and go back into their abusive environment!!? Love says no, it has to end. Love also is true compassion. If we ask them to step up higher, the pain is no more. There is our freedom.

Some people in our own community were acting out their pain and projecting it on others until it became extreme. By the third time we had to say, “You can’t be here.” Our experience here with this took away our emotional safety, which is necessary for a community like ours. So some had to step away. But holding the forgiveness and the higher level, some returned to this place of affirmation and wholeness beyond the pain. This is the place of love, forgiveness, wholeness, of a commitment that this is a place of outrageous forgiveness. And then we know the beauty in others.

Join as we create a consciousness of forgiveness and love which holds the highest for those of family and community. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. This is not ordinary forgiveness; it is higher, more. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. When you see the violence on TV. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. When we look at the person in the family who has not found their wholeness. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. OK, that’s the easy part. How about self. Lift yourself up. I commit to outrageous forgiveness. Spirit made us outrageous anyway, how could you not?