October 28, 2012 – Aladdin: No Fear in Oneness

10/28/12 Rev. David McArthur

The story of Aladdin is a look at our journey of consciousness. Aladdin lived in poverty and always felt he had to take from others. As we do at this level, he felt like a victim. At this “miserable sinner” level we are asleep to divine love. Then when adversity shows up we feel it proves we are of no value. Through adversity, though, Aladdin is brought to caves filled with treasure (the subconscious) where he finds many many beautiful things. When you overcome adversity, you feel power. This changed Aladdin’s consciousness. Feeling that he now had some power, some value, he didn’t need to steal. And he could love. Goodness showed up out of the bad. At this level we are still asleep, but how we think of ourselves has changed. We feel we can get a little good from life, from the adversity, from the bad.

Then Aladdin sees the princess and falls in love. The head experiences the heart. It is spiritual awakening. Aladdin now has purpose. He feels he has value. He now sees that power is for serving the purpose, to serve wholeness. The genie (which fulfills the power of the heart) creates for Aladdin and the princess their own palace away from the Sultan, who is the Father figure. (They woke up; they now know they are children of God.) At this level, you know you are fine and wonderful just the way you are. You are not miserable sinners. The world loves you.

Then the princess and the palace were taken by the sorcerer and Aladdin knew “it had been too good to be true”. This is believing in 2 powers, good and bad. As long as you believe it, it’ll show up. But there is only good and more good. Aladdin went back to the heart. The resolution was not through the thoughts (Aladdin) but through the heart (the princess). She denied life to the 2nd power (the sorcerer); she killed him. Love overcomes fear. That’s the gift.

The One Power dwells within man and all other beings and throughout the universe. One. In the heart, which knows the truth, there is no fear. No tension. No nervousness. You are at one with every other living person on Earth. No separateness. You have touched this oneness—with babies, with good friends, or in the silence. Nothing else is real. We can manifest and play with a 2nd power, but it is not the truth. God is good all the time! There is only one presence, one power—the all loving goodness of God! And that’s the truth!