November 16, 2014 – Dancing with the Rhythm of Life

11/16/14 Howard Martin
Dancing with the Rhythm of Life

Things are getting faster and faster. There are more things happening faster now than ever before. One reason is that we wanted to speed things up. We went from horses to trains to cars. And in communications, from the telegraph to the telephone to mobile devices. All this in just 150 years—a very short time. We had the intention to speed things up because the consciousness was speeding up. The driver inside is showing up on the outside. There’s a vibration change and it’s giving us more opportunity than ever before. Things are now changing too fast. There’s a rhythm in life and we find ourselves out of sync. To adapt, we need a new skill set.

I was a drummer from the age of 9 until I was in my 30’s, when I played for someone who was all about “the groove”. So I learned to find the sweet spot, the groove. I learned to find it in other areas of my life too. How do we find our groove and move gracefully through life?
We tend to want whatever we want now. When we don’t get it, we move into impatience. Impatience is not in “the groove”, it is the opposite. We feel upset. Impatience shows up in many ways in the spiritual consciousness movement, and that is that we all want the world to change. Look at the big buildup to the magical year of 2012. Even if we didn’t say so, we wanted the Big Change. So I felt in myself and in others a quiet disappointment when things didn’t change over night. And now it seems there’s even more aberrant behavior around the world. What happened to our world, to the Shift?

Be patient. Patience is the ability to let things flow, to unfold. We can learn to give things time to let things change in a kinder gentler way—kind of “easing” through it. Patience is a more subtle nuance of heart intelligence.
There is a tremendous amount of change in the world. It’s unfolding now. Already millions of people have come through changes in their beliefs. We’re about half way through it now (100 years already).

So don’t be disappointed. Yeah, there’s a hard road to walk but we, here, can make a meaningful contribution. Be patient with yourself. When you get the urge to change and want it done now, you go into self-judgment and that takes your “pitch” down. Then things get harder. Be patient. It’s people changing themselves that changes the world. It’s an unfoldment process. Be kind with yourself! Thank you!