September 6, 2015 – Peter Pan Teaches Enlightenment

09/06/15 Rev. David McArthur
Peter Pan Teaches Enlightenment

Ever sit in the black night right before dawn, waiting for the light to come? There’s a feeling in it—a desire to watch the world change around you. It’s the desire for enlightenment, innate, a call from the soul to awaken. It is acknowledged in Jesus’ teachings as, “know the truth and the truth will set you free.” One of the most misunderstood passages, it’s usually said to mean, “Agree with what I say and you’ll go where I want you to go.” To me it means that when you know (feel) the experience of the divine presence you will feel free!

Feeling daring? Ready to learn how to fly? On this journey of enlightenment I enjoy the fascinating symbol of Peter Pan. The story starts in the nursery. Wendy (the feminine, feeling nature) has grown to where she has to leave and step into the greater feeling world. Peter Pan invites her and her brothers to visit Neverland. To get there they have to learn to fly, which is to let go of how we think the world has to be, to rise to the experience of a new, greater consciousness. Tinker Bell (a beautiful angelic symbol, free of Earth, who can touch what is high and bring it low, to Earth) and the fairy dust express our desire for enlightenment, to see from above, where we know there is a greater understanding. Happy Thoughts are our even higher desire to know (feel) the presence of God. It’s a shift of desire within and we enter that happy place and we’re free and we fly!

We focus thought and feeling on that goodness with “God is good all the time! All the time God is good!”. When we feel it we open the path to it. But the one I use most because it is so simple and so lovely is “God is sooooo good!” Feel it!

The journey to Neverland is “straight on till morning” to the light! You’re thinking, “I’ve got control” and then you run into the limits of your thoughts (the Lost Boys) and you get captured by your fears (the pirates).

Peter Pan can always fly knowing the presence of God. He and Wendy go to see the mermaids, who fly in the water. But a very important feminine (feeling) symbol, Tiger Lily, gets caught by Captain Hook—gets “hooked” by fear! You are dealing with pirates in your life in this third dimension when your feelings are bound with fear designed to take away your freedom. It is hard to raise your thoughts.

We can think of beautiful feelings, but we have to FEEL them. We have to “believe in fairies”! Clap if you believe. Say “yes, I believe within me is the ability to touch the divine presence!” Free your feelings. Dust your ship with fairy dust. Fill it with Happy Thoughts. Your ship is filled with divine illumination for viewing the world from a higher place! God is sooooo good! God is sooooo good! God is sooooo good! Have fun flying!