June 9, 2013 – The Lazarus Blueprint

6/9/13 Rev. Suzanne Leonard
The Lazarus Blueprint

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the tomb teaches us to bring back to life a state within us that has been dead. Use the power of your voice. There are 100 trillion cells excited about what you’re going to say. A hundred trillion cells wait the direction of your voice.

Your own voice is the most important voice for you to hear. Recently I broke my foot. The x-rays showed the foot, which is God’s although I am using it, was broken in 3 places. I did not claim this as mine. Aloud, I gave thanks and claimed health. I used the “G” force—I claimed my Good, my Glory, my Growth, and my Guidance. As givers we miss the receiving part. (Just try to breath out without breathing in.) Your heart has to open and close. You have to be “in circulation”. As the medical professionals tended to me, I spoke to myself, “I’ll co-operate with your healing while instituting mine.” There was hardly any pain. Today I am walking in high-heels!

Lazarus was already dead when Jesus arrived at his home. But Jesus is the perfect presence, and had taken the time to prepare. So He had arrived at the point in time in which the miracle needed to happen. The Lazarus in you is the unhealed part, the pain entombed in a dark corner of you. Arrive at the point in the time that healing needs to happen. Roll away the stone of believing in your problem and let the “stink” come out, and with it the possibility of healing. Mary and Martha are the hope, the knowing that something else can be done. Explore and then expect healing. Jesus spoke with laser-like expectancy, “Lazarus, come out!” Not someday. Now is the time.

Then give thanks before receiving! Write a pre-thank-you card. Pre-pray the situation, put your light out there. “Come out!” Heal what is entombed in you. What are you waiting for?

Then “Unbind him and let him go!” Pray the prayers and walk the steps. Use affirmations and evict those negative people in your head. “Open sesame!” It’s the power with which you say it—the conviction. I invite you to roll away the stones in your life today. Unbind what you were told you are and be the person you truly are. You are precious to your family, your community, the world. Step forth and be who you are! God bless you!