July 29, 2012 – Questions From Your Heart

7/29/12 Rev. David McArthur

Questions and Answers

Why is there evil? Where does the bad stuff come from?
There isn’t evil. There is no power that is opposed to God. That’s not to say we don’t keep creating a world with pain in it, but we can transform this. As long as we choose to give pain we have it. When we choose love and healing, that’s what we bring into the world.

Why is there such political discord, duality and chaos today?
We are making a shift in consciousness as humankind from this 3D world, where the brain is the power, into the 4th dimension, where we perceive with the heart. The conflict makes the energy intense. We see points of stress and pain. When we respond with love it lifts us all into greater harmony and expression of the divine. Respond with compassion; invite service. See not duality, but the Oneness. Send your love.

Where does Unity stand with gays and lesbians?
They are beautiful children of God! And what a wonderful thing to affirm– that we are all a little different!

How can I say thanks?
Only way I know is keep sharing the rich blessings we have. What we walk in is so exquisite! There is only the presence of divine love. That is all there is.

Why are there atrocities like the massacre in Colorado, and how do we respond?
It’s less important to know “why?” than “what do I do about it?” Judge with great caution. Some beings, working through the dark places in our consciousness, have chosen paths that are difficult to understand, yet that person is a child of God. Choose to respond with compassion and learn to live a better life.

Should I worship God or Jesus?
To worship is to acknowledge value by living in accord with that value. If you live in that state of love you worship God, and Jesus, and Mohammed, and the Buddha, and all the others on Earth, living not the religion of Jesus [“worship”] but what Jesus taught.

What is the metaphysical antidote to greed?
Love! You don’t need to GET anything; you lack nothing! As you live in love, the universe will respond. Let that love flow through you. Everything you need to live and love is already given.

God is good all the time! All the answers are within!