April 28, 2013 – Moving From Lack to More Than Enough

4/28/13 Rev. David McArthur
Moving From Lack To More Than Enough

One day some men showed up at Charles Fillmore’s door to repossess his printing press. He quickly told them, “I have a rich Father”, so they left. At that moment he had made a spiritual connection. He had been in the consciousness of lack, but moved to one of more than enough. Many of us have a consciousness of “just barely making it”, but part of our work as spiritual beings is to be an instrument through which blessings flow in abundance. We can make very powerful changes within ourselves—spiritual transformations—like an amazing journey from not enough to more than enough.

We all know the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Another time, the disciples had been fishing but had caught none. Jesus commanded them to cast their net once more. It was filled to overflowing. In both instances change occurred when the disciples, who represent the different faculties and capacities with in us, turned their focus on Jesus. He symbolizes the Christ consciousness, the Atman, the Buddha mind. The fish represent divine idea, which are pulled from the water (the subconscious) out into manifestation. Pulled from within us, a change of consciousness moves from spiritual energy or substance into manifestation. The Higgs-boson particle, called the God particle, is the scientific version of pulling from the spiritual into the manifest form so we can put it to work in our lives. We do it with the power of emotion, of love, of the divine presence within. In the presence of love, limitations don’t exist. Love dissolves all that is unlike itself. Limitations lose their power.

Move from lack to more than enough. Remove the limits in your life—it’s just time for them to go. Then support each other by changing consciousness for each other, and remove the limits in our community. It takes focus and intention. For two weeks, take 15 minutes each day to say, I Am Loving (enter into the experience of feeling love for another); I Am Loved (you are so deeply loved; so completely, without conditions; you are the beautiful child of God); I Am Love (it’s who you are; you carry it where ever you go; it is in you, for you). Let love’s power be in you.

I am loving. I am loved. I am love. When you do that and are in that love, whatever is needed will be met, because you “have a rich Father”!