August 10, 2014 – Weed Wackers

8/10/14 Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
Weed Wackers

The Parable of the Tares (Weeds), says to let the weeds grow along with the wheat until the wheat is ready for harvest. Then collect the weeds first and burn them before harvesting the wheat. Traditionally, it is understood as a lesson on good vs. evil. However, with the new Polarity thinking we get an even deeper meaning. Polarity thinking says that right/wrong, good/evil, light/dark, etc., are interdependent with each other. For example, Alaskans have their summer of constant daylight, but they need to create darkness for sleeping. You need right and left, up and down. Polarity thinking says this brings coherence.

Metaphysically, in the parable, the sower is the soul; the seeds are our thoughts or ideas (and they are real things). They are energy. The field is the world as it shows up in our reality (from our thoughts). The weeds choke off the new beliefs. The enemy is anything that comes in, like fear, doubt, feeling “less than”, or that we can never measure up. Just when we think we can grow into the new idea the enemy clicks in automatically. When we are new to learning spiritual truths the weeds crop up. But it is not good to get rid of them too soon because you could pull up the “wheat”, the new ideas, with them too.

Polarity thinking says it is no longer “you’re wrong and I’m right.” We’re both right and wrong, so what is best for our relationship, for our business, or for our community? How can we work together–the light and dark, opposing concepts–to create coherence? Can’t we discontinue bombing and the killing of whole neighborhoods just to be right? I’m right and you’re right–how can we go forward in love to bring peace for all? What can we do together to bring this new quantum leap in consciousness?

Concentrate on your wheat so that it grows strong. To do this and wack the weeds, use first, Prayer. Prayer is creating a relationship with God, our Source. Gratitude is powerful prayer, even having gratitude for our impairments, because we know something greater is there.

Secondly, use Meditation. That’s when God talks to us, and we can align ourselves with God’s guidance. Then there is Forgiveness. It is not so much letting somebody else off the hook for what they did, but letting ourselves off the hook for carrying that around 24/7. Forgiveness is your relief, your gift to you.

The HeartMath tools are the best way to bring coherence into your own life. And lastly there is Compassion. You can view Compassion, too, through Polarity thinking: the one that hurts others is also hurting, too.

As your spiritual evolution is occurring you discover who and whose you are. Don’t be so quick to pull up your weeds. As you get stronger the weeds get weaker and even merge with your “wheat”. Ask yourself, where is my abundance, my harvest? Where are my weeds? Look at them together. Be willing to have the weeds there but not let them choke off your harvest. They will diminish in time as your wheat grows stronger. Concentrate on your wheat.

Affirm, “I remember that I Am a Child of God and the Way is made clear for my Good to Manifest. I Am the Beloved of God!” Feel it. Feel the energy around you. “I Am the Beloved of God!” –And yes you are, my love!