August 14, 2011 – Two Ways of Healing

8/14/11 Rev. David McArthur

As Unity people we spend a lot of time bringing the application of spiritual principles into our experience. We believe the energy, the pure love, brings us into transformation of healing or financial challenges. Yet a noted adherent of the Unity teachings revealed he would have major surgery. He said the doctors had found that he had healed himself before from within, but he said this time his guidance directed him to utilize the skills and expertise of the medical profession to bring him healing from outside of himself. It’s all God.
King David brought Israel into a state of national strength. He provided great security for survival of the tribe, and great abundance to taste life’s goodness beyond just survival. Security, sensation, power are the 3 lower chakras. King David is the symbol of love, and from that state he established security, control, authority, and power to make his intention manifest, through love. Use love to draw from the world around to create security, life opportunity, and to have power to create from the outer to take care of yourself.
Jesus also is a symbol of love. His experience was very different. When people turned to Jesus (Who represents the Christ Self, the Atman, the Buddha Mind, the divine self) they were made whole. Jesus looked inward for power and authority. Jesus did not seek control in the outer, but from the center outward. Jesus symbolizes the power of the higher chakras. Dr. Emily Cady said we can call on the abundance to flow through us, without calling in the outer. “God is the all-sufficiency in all things.” Create by calling forth through your own power and authority. Co-dependency is ok with the God “out there”, but it is the divine in us that has the power. Declare from inside out, and then know “It is done.”
Both result in healing. They are two different ways to meet the challenges. One is through the power of love– getting guidance to bring from the outer world that which is needed as an expression of oneness and love. The other is turning within, where the love and harmony is experienced within and is manifested in the outer, from the inner.
It’s all God! It brings the greatest wholeness. It’s all the divine. Call it into being. As it comes forth, celebrate it! Every experience is another miracle!

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