August 7, 2011 – Say Yes to Life

8/7/11 Karen Taylor-Good

Have you felt that as time went on your prayers were unanswered? Sometimes the answer is no. You might ask, “What went wrong?” or even say, “Thanks a lot, God!” I even prayed just to be “a little more right.” But prayers must be specific. I knew I had to “get a bigger pan!” I had to ask myself, “Do I really want to be those things I thought I wanted to be?” It’s ok to hurt. It’s ok to cry. Then I realized I did have my words, my music. And I listened to that voice inside as it got louder – I went to church and took a pledge to say “yes” to life. So I had to say “yes” when asked for a “small” favor. Great things happened quickly. The world came into focus. Although I had no idea what it looks like, I knew Someone does. So I wrote
“I don’t always get what I want – I get what I need…  I prayed for strength. I got pain that made me strong.  I prayed for courage. I got fear to overcome.  I prayed for faith. My empty heart brought me to my knees…”
You are being pushed and pulled for a reason. Doors are closing for a reason. Life can leave you confused, stressed, and angry. But it’s perfect. And these Unity principals work all the time. Let go of things you can’t use. With the weight off your wings, you’re going to fly! Pat yourself on the back for still being here. You couldn’t have done it without you!
Say “yes” to life. We sometimes say “no” unconsciously. Say “yes!” Make this the week – say yes to life as often as you can. For seven little days, say YES!

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